What in the World is Mushroom Coffee?

This post will answer all of your questions about mushroom coffee and will also have recommendations based on your coffee taste preferences at the end!


I’ve been drinking mushroom coffee for just shy of a year and will NEVER go back to regular coffee. If you would have said this to me a year ago I would have laughed in your face. Drive-thru coffee was my jam. But it was time for a change.

After sharing the coffee, I started to get a lot of the same questions, so I decided to write a blog post that you can always reference back to when needed!

I’ll answer questions in a Q + A style format and will end with my favorite flavors and recommendations!

What is Mushroom Coffee and Does It Taste Like Mushrooms?

Mushroom coffee is essentially what it sounds like, coffee with mushrooms. No, they do not use the same type of mushrooms you’d use to cook in your kitchen. Personally, I think that would taste disgusting. In this coffee you literally cannot taste the medicinal mushrooms, it’s just pure delicious-ness! Reishi mushrooms are an adaptogenic herb, meaning it gives your body what it needs to bring it back into balance and healing.

The only mushroom coffee brand I completely trust and use is from Organo and here’s why. I’ve tried other brands and the taste is just unmatched. One of my favorite flavors is the King, because it contains the most potent part of the mushroom, the spores. This part of the mushroom is covered by a hard shell that protects and nourishes the spore potency.

Most companies that sell reishi crush the shells, also crushing the spore itself. Organo uses a patented process to gently crack the shell, releasing the power of the spores to help protect and defend your health. How cool is that?!

Why Should I Switch My Coffee?

Regular coffee and I broke up a few years ago. I was in this vicious cycle where I would need regular coffee to just wake up in the morning, but then would crash halfway through the morning…leading to another cup of coffee. You know how the story goes. The anxiousness and jittery feeling just wasn’t worth it in the end.

When I first discovered mushroom coffee it was like my body was sending me a message saying “THANK YOU!” Instead of all the negative effects I felt with regular, acidic coffee, the mushroom coffee actually gave me a steady boost of energy that lasted me all morning.

What are the Benefits?

The two biggest areas of my life where I’ve felt the most improvement are my sleep and my mood. I used to need three, yes THREE, alarms to get myself out of bed every morning. I was always so tired. After drinking the coffee for about a month, I started to notice that I was feeling more rested and I was waking up BEFORE my alarm. This had never been a thing for me before I started drinking the coffee.

I’ve always struggled with anxiety, but I have felt a very noticeable difference in my everyday mood. It’s less of a roller coaster and more of a smooth car ride if I had to describe it.

The ganoderma actively works to bring the coffee to an alkalizing pH, meaning no jitters or crash halfway through your morning.

Other benefits include:

-Oxygenates the body

-Promotes natural detoxification

-Balances pH level of body

-150 all-natural antioxidants

-Certified organic ganoderma

-Helps heal leaky gut

Where Can I Try This Coffee?!

You have a couple options! You can start off with a 7-day challenge (great if you want to try several different flavors at once) or you can jump in and purchase a box! The coffee comes in little packets typically made for one-time use. You pour it into a mug, add water, and you’re done. I really like the single use packets because they’re super easy to put in my purse and use on the go.

Flavor Guide

Bold to medium roast: King (this flavor has the spore powder in it as well)

Sweet tooth: Latte or Mocha

Tea: Green or Red Tea

Caffeine-Free: Hot Chocolate

A little sweet, but not overpowering: Supreme (also contains Ginseng for additional energy + stamina)

Leave your comments + questions below! Happy Healing!


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