Getting Smart with Your Health

I want to preface this post by saying that I have respect for traditional doctors and medicine and think they absolutely have their time and place. But I also believe it's our individual responsibility to dig deeper in our own health and search for root causes to fully heal.

I made the decision to be my own health advocate and this is what I found...

My non-toxic journey started about a year and a half ago when I switched to mushroom coffee. Since then, I've been diligently learning and making changes in my home to lead a better and non-toxic lifestyle. By no means am I perfect, but I feel like every little change is a step in the right direction.

I've been going to my regular doctor for probably about 7 years now. The longer I go to him, the more flaws I see in the healthcare system. Most of my concerns I bring up are often met with band-aid solutions or medication.

Many times I feel like I'm not being H E A R D. Things would go in one ear and right out the other.

There had to be a better way.

Through my mushroom coffee business, I've been connected with an incredibly smart FNTP (Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner) who challenged me to dig deeper in my health. I trust her wholeheartedly and set up an initial consultation with her to review my bloodwork.

Backing up a little in the story...This meant I had to get bloodwork done, obviously. I asked her what tests I should request and took those in to my doctor. To say it was like pulling teeth would be an understatement. My doctor looked at the list, then looked at me, then back at the get the idea.

His first response was "insurance isn't going to cover this one...or this one...definitely not this one..." I understand where he was coming from, I really do. He didn't want me to be surprised by outrageous charges for bloodwork that wasn't covered by my insurance, which I appreciated.

I guess it was the WAY he said things that frustrated me.

Side note...this totally makes me think of that Friends episode where Joey gets offended by something Chandler says and Joey says, "It wasn't what you said, it was HOW you said it." BRING IT BACK, NETFLIX!

Okay, back to the story. I understand that he's a doctor and I'm not, but I felt chastised for questioning the status quo and for wanting to learn more about my own body. Which is C R A Z Y to me.

He said "Insurance won't cover this because you don't have a diagnosis.." on several of the tests I wanted done. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET A DIAGNOSIS IF MY INSURANCE WON'T LET ME GET THE BLOODWORK TO CONFIRM A DIAGNOSIS?!

I told my doctor to go ahead and do the bloodwork that was covered by my insurance. Having some information was better than none.

I got the results back a few days later with some notes...


Happy Health + Healing!

Comments/Questions? Reach out to me on IG: Nisizemore


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