A Quick Guide to Choosing an Essential Oils Company

We all want to be using quality essential oils, but how do you know what to look for and which companies to trust? This guide takes out all the guesswork so you can make a decision feeling confident and informed!

First thing on the list...

1. Not all oils are created equally.

Extremely cheap oils are cheap for a reason. They contain very little of the actual oil and are chalked full of synthetic ingredients. Meaning very little benefit to you when using them.

If the bottle is made of plastic, RUN far away. This is a major red flag. Good, quality oils will be in dark amber GLASS bottles to prevent oxidation.

2. Any reputable oil company will be FULLY transparent with their ingredients list. You should easily be able to look on the bottle and the company website to see a comprehensive list of ingredients.

3. You always always always want to look for pure, therapeutic grade oils. How do you know if an oil is pure? 3rd party testing.

You don't want to be breathing in or absorbing potentially harmful chemicals. That defeats the purpose of using oils in the first place.

The company I use is totally transparent with how they source their oils and their high quality standards. This is SO important, I can't emphasize it enough.

Many vendors will provide batching testing information on their website. Look for 'GC/MS reports.'

4. Ask friends/family for recommendations. They can explain things they liked/didn't like about certain companies or why they chose one over the other.

5. When in doubt, email the company and ask clarifying questions.

If the company isn't willing/open to provide answers, it might be time to move on.

Take a moment to look through the company's website to make sure all your questions have been answered.

This post touches the tip of the iceberg when it comes to choosing an essential oils company, but it's a great starting place.

I'm always happy to answer any essential oil questions you might have, just shoot me an email at nisizemore@outlook.com

Happy Health + Healing!


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