5 Tips to Unwind & De-Stress

With SO much going on in the world today, I've found that my mind is going 100 mph with information.

These 5 tips are my go-to's for relaxing & unwinding:

1. Take a bath

I know taking a bath isn't everyone's jam, but I love it! Add in some epsom salts and bubbles and I'm ready to drift off to la la land.

Taking baths have been shown to help improve your mood, relieve muscle aches & pains, and can also help reduce your blood pressure. Not to mention they're just awesome all-around.

2. Tapping/Meditation

Meditation looks different for everyone and I'm an advocate for doing whatever works best for you. My form of meditation ranges from sitting in silence, going on a walk, or my new favorite, tapping.

I am a complete novice when it comes to tapping but I'm learning. It can be an amazing tool to reduce stress & get rid of negative emotions. You can even download an app called "Tapping Solution" that guides you through different programs based on your wants/needs (i.e., stressful day, clearing negative thoughts, aches & pains, etc). They provide quite a bit of content for free which I'm all about!

Have you tried tapping before?? Let me know in the comments! There's so much more I want to learn about the body & energy and tapping is the tip of the iceberg.

3. Sit outside with a good book

This one is pretty straightforward, yet I forget to do it quite often. Still waiting for my hammock to arrive (but that's a different story).

Absorbing some Vitamin D for 5 to 10 minutes a day can do wonders. I'm learning just how deficient our world is in Vitamin D (myself included) and it's alarming. Sunlight also helps to keep your Serotonin levels up which is important for mood & energy.

By no means am I saying go outside and bake. Everything in moderation y'all.

4. Essential Oils

I could probably write a book about the benefits of essential oils, but I won't for the sake of time (and my sanity). When it comes to oils, know that all are not created equal. Make sure you do your due diligence and find out where the plants are grown and their extraction & distillation processes, etc. That's a blog for another day.

The thing I love about essential oils is how versatile they are. Using the power of plants, people have used EO's to lift their spirits & to help improve their overall wellness. We're now in a place where EO's are even being infused into natural makeup which I think is really unique!

Essential oils have so many uses but I love to use them with my wool dryer balls & for headaches in particular. I'm constantly diffusing essential oils throughout my house & love trying new combinations of oils. There's just something about walking into a room and breathing in Lavender or Citrus that makes me happy.

5. Unplug Completely

Even if it's just an hour, turn off all your electronics and truly be present in the moment. I always recommend not looking at your phone for the first hour after waking up as well.

Turning off your devices allows your mind to breathe and form thoughts not influenced by social media or the news. We don't realize how influenced we are by these things until we make an intentional effort to remove them from our daily routine (at least for a short period of time).

Start with an hour, and then extend it to two hours, even three. Be aware of how you feel without the world constantly at your fingertips begging for engagement.


You don't have to try all of these tips at once, start with one and see how you feel. Do what works best for you & your body.

I'm learning right alongside you and my goal is to always provide you guys the best health + healing tips that I have researched and found beneficial.

Happy Health + Healing!


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