Frequently Asked Questions

What Parts of the Mushroom Are Used?

Organo uses all three parts of the ganoderma mushroom- spores, lucidum and mycelium, each with their own unique blend of antioxidants to support fighting free radicals that can cause inflammation and damage at the cellular level. The spores are the most potent of the three.

What's the Difference Between the King and the Black Coffee Option?

The Black coffee is a darker roast and contains organic reishi fruiting body powder (ganoderma lucidum). For those that like a highly affordable cup of healthy coffee and want to promote healthier detoxification, this is your go-to sachet. The Black coffee is not organic but the mushrooms are. The King coffee is organic and contains organic reishi spores. This is your top shelf product. As far as taste goes, it is a bit milder and has a delicious earthy taste to it.

Does This Coffee Contain Caffeine?

It does contain caffeine, but in lesser amounts than a regular cup of coffee. The ganoderma helps to counteract the caffeine bringing it back to an alkaline pH instead of an acidic pH. So you're still getting the boost of energy, just without the crash. People who are caffeine sensitive typically do really well with this coffee. The Hot Cocoa is also a great option for kids or those who want no caffeine.

What's the Difference Between Reishi mushrooms & Ganoderma?

Nothing. The two words will often be used interchangeably.

What Are the Benefits of the Spores?

Ganoderma spores are like the seed of the mushroom. Once the spore is cracked, the health benefits can be extracted. Organo Gold has a patented technology on how the spore is cracked and harvested. The spore form is 17 times more powerful than ganoderma lucidum and is rich in polysaccharides, triterpenes, Organic germanium and selenium. The King coffee is the only option that contains these spores.

How Do I Join Wholesale for a Discount?

Here's how to join: 1.Click the following link 2. Click the "Join Now" tab 3. Then "Distributor Partner Sign Up" Join Wholesale It's only $49 to become a distributor for the year and to receive wholesale pricing, no minimum requirements, and a sample pack of coffee. If you're interested in joining my team, please send me a message HERE

Does This Coffee Taste like Mushrooms?

No, not at all.

How Do I Make this Coffee?

1. Empty the sachet of coffee into your favorite mug or cup 2. Add warm water & mix 3. Add creamer, sweetener, etc. if desired 4. ENJOY!

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